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How To:

Video Call

Video Calls are a key part of our service offering.
Learn how to book and access your video call through this simple tutorial.
Booking a Video Call
1. Head over to our website (here) to make a booking.
2. Log into your ZumVet account using your mobile number.
Important note: please use a valid mobile number as we will be sending you an OTP SMS for security verification.
3. Start by clicking the 'Book Now' button on the top right of your account.
4. Register your pet and schedule your appointment.
5. You will receive an email confirmation with the consult details and link to video call once your appointment has been confirmed.
Accessing your Video Call

Prepare for your call in 4 simple steps

  1. Ensure a good and stable mobile or WIFI connection

  2. Use Chrome on an Android phone

  3. Use Safari on an Apple phone

  4. Allow permissions for microphone and camera access

1. Head to your active bookings!
2. Click the 'Call Now' button.

You're all set for your video call with ZumVet.

Go on and book your video call with us here!